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Why does God allow bad things to happen to innocent people?


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Joined: 06/02/2015 - 23:58

The John's Hopkins delivery man did three things that surprised me when I offered him the book Steps to Christ. First, he said he doesn't believe in God. Second, he had tears in his eyes as he explained the tragedies that led to him losing faith in God. Third, he accepted prayer.

There are many  who struggle with the question of evil, in the presence of a righteous, compassionate God. Very few has experience the depth of this like Job, who in one day lost everything he had - including his children.

In the story of Job we get a glimpse of what might be a not so uncommon occurrence: Satan inflicting harm on mankind in an attempt to hurt or discredit God.

One thing we must remember is that it was mankind that made the decision to make Satan ruler of this world. Most of the ills we have experienced are caused by people following the principles upon which this world is established - principles of pride, selfishness, and materialism.

Mankind must see the full degree to which sin hurts. When the Bible says that sin will not rise a second time it is not because we won't have freedom to choose, but because we never want to experience the effects of sin again.

Rather than being harsh and unsympathetic, our heavenly Father has been patiently bearing with us as we flirt with the enemy of our own soul. But one day he will put all of this to an end. Before that though the world must experience the worst of Satan's rule. This world will one day be thrown in a crises like never before seen, when God pulls back all restraints, and Satan is allowed to have his own way. Then will be seen the greatest contrast between the character of God and His kingdom, and that of Satan and his kingdom.