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The Seal of God

One of the most important seals to be discovered is the seal of God. Yes, God does have a seal. The President of the U.S uses a seal, the members of parliament use seals, notary publics use seals and God—why would God not use a seal to authenticate his documents?

Some time ago I commenced a study on Seals - ancient and not so ancient. In that study we looked on several of the most notable seals that have been discovered, including the seal of Isreali King Ahab, and that of his infamous wife Jezebel, and several others. That study lists the three major components of every seal: The Name of the ruler, his/her Authority, and the Territory over which that authority extends. 

Most legal documents require a seal in order to be recognized as authentic. Treaties signed between nations often require an official seal. The Great Seal of America is one notable example.

God has a real government, as real as the government of the United States, with a real constitution.  The constitution that governed Israel for over two thousand years, and after which many modern societies are modeled, is largely recognized to be the design of God.  Like every earthly government, God laid down laws that guided the behavior of His citizens.  Prominent among His laws are the Ten Commandments, “written with the fingers of God” (Exodus 31:18).  The Ten Commandments point out acceptable behavior between fellow humans, as well as their obligations to God.  While most people know about the Ten Commandments, most non-Jewish people are not aware of the extent of God’s laws. Besides the Ten Commandments, God gave the Jews laws that dealt with issues such as property rights, health and sanitation, worship, and just about every other aspect of law that is covered by modern governments, and then some.  Most of these laws were spoken by God and written by Moses in four of the five books of the law –Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  The Ten Commandments was the only portion of scripture to have the honor of being written by God Himself, with His own finger.

The remainder of this paper is an introduction to the seal of God from the Bible.  I encourage you to read prayerfully. It is also a good time to reach for a Bible, if one is available.

 As discussed earlier, all legal documents require a seal to authenticate it, and God’s law is no exception.  In Isaiah 8:16, God said “Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples.”  Certainly, God has authenticated His law with His seal. 

Two important questions are:

  1. Where can God’s seal be found?
  2. How can it be identified? 

A seal is “prima facie evidence” of what is being attested to. The term “prima facie” means “at first look” or “on its face”.  It is the minimum evidence that one would look for to decide if a document is genuine.  Naturally, it would be placed where the reader is most likely to look for it.  For an affidavit of support, for example, one would expect to find the notary’s seal placed conspicuously on the first or second page of the document. 

So then, with laws, elaboration and history spanning hundreds of pages, where in the Bible should one expect to find God’s seal?  In the Ten Commandments, obviously – not only because it is possibly the most well known legal document in the world, but also because it is the foundation of all of God’s other laws.

The Ten Commandments are what God shows to the world as the prima facie of His Government; they are evidence of the principles upon which His government is built.  

As other nations hear about the principles and lifestyles of God’s subjects, they would exclaim “what nation is there so great, that hath statutes and judgments so righteous as all this law” (Deuteronomy 4: 8).  Of course, these nations may not have the opportunity to read through the entire five books of the law, plus the commentaries, so how would they answer the fundamental questions of who gave these laws, what is his authority, and where does he govern?  The Ten Commandments is the most obvious place for them to look for answers. In it they expect to find the three major components of a seal:

  1. The Name of the ruler
  2. His Authority
  3. The Territory over which that authority extend

Scanning over the Ten Commandments they find His name in a number of the commands, but in only one they find all the information that identifies the Law-giver, and that is in the fourth commandment, which reads:

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Yahweh [LORD] thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Yahweh blessed the Sabbath day, and hallowed it (Exodus 20: 8-11).

In the fourth commandment they discover that the Law-giver’s name is Yahweh, His official title is Creator, and His dominion is the heaven and the earth (verse 8 - 11).  Now they know by whose authority “all this law” was written.  In discovering the name, title and dominion of the Law-giver, what the researcher discovers is the Law-giver’s seal. As with the ancient seals examined earlier, the Law-giver’s seal provides important information about Him.

Like Ahab and Hezekiah the Law-giver’s name as found in His seal, provides a host of information about who He is and what He is like.  His name, Yahweh, written in most Bibles as “LORD” (capitalized) is from the tetragammaton YHWH, meaning "I am the one who will be there” (Sheila E. McGinn, Ph.D). When Yahweh appeared to Moses at the burning bush (Exodus 3), He identified himself as “I AM”. A rather strange way to identify oneself, but it fills His children’s hearts with peace. He said of His people “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you”, (Isaiah 43:2) and again “Surely they are my people… so he was their Saviour. In their entire affliction he was afflicted, and the angel of his presence saved them” (Isaiah 63: 8). God’s name, as presented in His seal, gives reassurance, peace, and a sense of security to the child of God.  It shows God’s desire and ability to be with His children in every situation.  Like a child venturing into deep waters with daddy, confident that daddy will not leave him to drown, God’s children can face any situation with the confidence that God is there with them, and that He is going to work it all out for their good (Romans 8:28). What comfort for the child of God!   

Another important aspect of God’s seal is His title.  In his seal is written “in six days the Yahweh made heaven and earth.” That establishes Him as Creator.  After creating everything in six days the Bible tells us that God rested on the seventh day, and blessed it, and set it apart for holy use (Genesis 2: 1, 2).  It was designed as a time for all creation to rest, to worship and to fellowship, but the most important purpose for which the Sabbath was created was to remind His children of their relationship to Him.  He is their Creator. Of such, He is responsible for them; He is their Father. As their Creator, they owe Him total allegiance. 

God also knew that as knowledge increases, people would find various ways of explaining away creation, thus undermining the value of his created beings, and depriving them of every sense of purpose and responsibility.  With the evolution theory being taught in almost every public school and university, faith in a creator is fast disappearing.  The question asked by Yeshua (Jesus) – “When the son of man cometh, shall He find faith in the earth?” (Luke 18: 18), takes on new significance in times like these.  God, however, made provision in the form of the seventh day Sabbath to safeguard against the influences of evolutionism. The seventh day Sabbath stands in constant opposition to evolution, because it testifies of six literal days of creation.   Notwithstanding, creation continues to be targeted by both evolutionary scientists, and many who say they honor the Creator. While evolutionary scientists work to discredit creation, ministers work to destroy the Sabbath that testifies to creation, and a Creator.   

The third element of Yahweh’s seal, His dominion, stands as a reminder that Yeshua is coming soon to unite Yahweh’s dominion on earth with that in heaven.  He who “made the heaven and the earth” (Exodus 20: 11) is Ruler over the heaven and the earth. Interestingly, Satan has several times claimed entitlement to the earth. In Job’s time he told God that he was walking up and down throughout the earth (Job 1:7), a sign of ownership.  He later offered it to Jesus if Jesus would bow down and worship him (Matthew 4: 9). Moreover, Jesus described Satan as the prince, or ruler of this earth (John 14: 13).

After creation God left Adam in charge of the earth, but Adam sold out to Satan (Genesis 3; Romans 5).  As a result, the realms of God’s dominion are disunited.  Heaven operates completely by the law of God, while most on earth have chosen to govern their actions by a different law.  Through His death and resurrection Yeshua has redeemed God's earthly dominion, and very soon he will come again to evict Satan and his accomplices and to reunite Yahweh’s earthly kingdom with His heavenly. Before he comes He promises to place his seal in the forehead of His servants to differentiate them from the kingdom of darkness.  Millions who today do not know or accept God’s seal will do so as they come to learn more about it. Then shall the kingdom of heaven be united with the kingdom of earth, and every Sabbath they will gather to worship Yahweh in the earth made new (Isaiah 66: 23).

By identifying the components of a seal it can be clearly shown that the Sabbath of the fourth commandment is the seal of God.  The Sabbath commandment contains God’s name, identified as Yahweh, His title as Creator, and His dominion, the heaven and earth, which He owns by reason of creation and redemption.

The introduction of Sunday as the day of worship into the Christian church have done much in turning people's mind away from the seal of God. The Roman Emperor, Constantine, entered the church in 331 AD and with him came a train of pagan customs, including Sunday worship.  The Church of Rome, since then, has given increasing attention to upholding Sunday as the day of worship, instead of the seventh day Sabbath which Yahweh chose as his emblem (Exodus 31:13, Ezekiel 20:20). As Yahweh lifted up the Sabbath as a sign of his Creative and redemptive power, even so the Roman Church lifts up Sunday as a “mark” of its authority. Take note of this statement taken from A Catholic Catechism:

"Question: Have you any other way of proving that the Church has power to institute festivals of precept?"
"Answer: Had she not such power, she could not have done that in which all modern religionists agree with her--she could not have substituted the observance of Sunday the first day of the week, for the observance of Saturday the seventh day, a change for which there is no Scriptural authority." (Amazing Facts)

Today, almost all Christians hold Sunday to be the “Lord’s day”. Lord literally means master.  Romans 6: 16 points out that a person’s master or lord is whomever or whatever he chooses to obey. Two powers have set up symbols of their authority – Yahweh has set up the Sabbath as His seal and the Roman Church has set up Sunday as the mark of its authority. Individuals, through their many choices, including the choice of which lord’s day they honor, are taking side for or against the Creator and Lawgiver, albeit for many, ignorantly. So what is there in a day? Not very much really, except when it comes to a choice between obeying God and obeying Him not; then a day takes on special and even grave importance.

As the time draws near for Yeshua’s return, the seal that identifies the Creator, Redeemer and Law-giver will come under greater attack, with those who choose to receive it coming under increased pressure and persecution.  They will, however, continue to honor the most precious seal ever discovered - a treasure more valuable than all the ancient seals, impressions and bullae ever discovered by archeologists.  And in return, God will place His seal on their heads:

And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.  And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel (Revelation 7:2-4).

God’s people will remain firm despite the threats that await them knowing that Yahweh will be there and there is no need to fear.  Even in death, they will remain confident, knowing that God’s promise is “I Am” with you.   Eventually, each person will realize that the most important seal of all— the seal of Yahweh—is His seventh day Sabbath. Like those in Elijah’s day, they will be asked to make a choice as to which Lord’s day they will observe, the challenge will be, and even now is “if the LORD (Yahweh) be God, follow him”(1 Kings 18), if the Pope of Rome, then follow him and receive his mark. Each will then make a crucial decision to receive Yahweh’s seal and obey His law, or disregard His authority and be lost.   



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