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Nature, Character, and Mission of Christ

Enjoy daily reflections from my personal devotions. Each morning at 8:00 you will find spiritual posts that draws our attention to Christ and beckons us into a closer relationship with Him.

Our first devotional focuses on the Nature, Character, & Mission of Christ. It features an in-depth, case by case study on the life of Christ.

Our study begins in the book of John and expands into other New and Old Testament Books. As we study we are paying special attention to:

  1. The nature of Christ

  2. The character of Christ

  3. The mission of Christ

The nature of Christ: Is Yeshua God as most Christians assert or is He a special being created by God as others insist?

The character of Christ: What is it about Christ that transforms those who spend time studying His life and reflecting on Him?

The mission of Christ: What it is, how it is being accomplished, and what it means for us.

My desire is that everyone reading this post will make a commitment to know the Savior in a deeper and more personal way; and that in knowing Him, you might be saved. Indeed, this was the apostle's goal in writing the book of John. As he said, “these are written, that ye might believe that Yeshua is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name”

I won't make any elaborate promises – save this: Your day will not be the same when it begins with God. I Promise that. Time in the Word changes things – it changes us.

So please join me on what promises to be a life-changing Journey through the book of John

John 1:1 | The journey begins - Meet the Messiah

John 1:1 | The journey begins - Meet the Messiah



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