Truthseekers' Forum is dedicated to sharing the truth of God - truth that is most clearly revealed through the teaching and character of Christ.

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About Truth Seekers' Forum

Truth Seekers’ Forum  aims to effectively respond to online users searching for truth.

A good time to start

You may have thought about studying the Bible more consistently, but never got around to it. Now is always a good time to start, and our new online community is here to support you with the tools and encouragement to help you on this truth journey.

What is Truth Seekers’ Forum?

Truth Seekers’ Forum is an online venue for people who value truth. It consists of a daily devotional blog, where we go verse by verse through the Bible. There are Bible study guides and online lessons, and of course, our Bible forum, where you’ll receive real answers straight from the Word.  It will bring new life and vigor to your Christian experience, or help you find answers to questions that have stood between you and a full commitment to follow Christ.

Why Truth Seekers’ Forum?

Love is as much a function of the mind as it is of the heart. You cannot truly love someone whom you don’t know, or even worse, have misleading information about.

To love God begins with knowing him; and we do so through Bible teachings (doctrines) and personal experiences. Truth Seekers' Forum is designed to help you understand what the Bible teaches about God, and also help those going through some of the critical spiritual crises that many people experience at different times in their lives:

  1. Fear Crises - fear of dying and going to hell.
  2. Doctrinal crises - The foundational knowledge necessary for making an intelligent decision about following Christ.
  3. Identity crises - establishing a new identity in Christ
  4. Crises of belief - resolving seeming contradictions in the scripture
  5. Faith crises - Is there really a God? What is He really like?
  6. Laodician crises  - Lord I don't love you as I ought
  7. Crises of purpose - Ok Lord, what do you want me to do?

Truth Seekers Forum helps you to avoid or grow through these crises by: 

  • Presenting the Gospel in clear simple language
  • Encouraging careful study of the scriptures, to help you become grounded in sound doctrine
  • Being a source of support every step of the way, to help you integrate into the body of Christ
  • Encouraging critical Bible analysis to help you tackle the tough questions that inevitably arise
  • Praying as a community for God’s intervention in your life when human wisdom falls short
  • Helping you fulfill the call to reach a world that is blinded by sin, false doctrines, and compromise, by providing a robust platform capable of reaching millions worldwide.
  • Redirecting focus on Christ, so you can be changed into His likeness.

Who is Truth Seekers Forum for?

Truth Seekers Forum is for you if you desire:

  • To experience salvation
  • To be grounded in sound doctrine
  • A source of support and encouragement
  • Help tackling the tough questions in the Bible
  • To have others praying for God’s intervention in your life
  • To answer the call to reach a world that is blinded by sin and error
  • To grow in the knowledge of Christ and become partakers of His divine nature

We hope you will join Truth Seekers Forum and benefit from the knowledge and support of the community; and also that you take this opportunity to impact others for Christ through your own contributions.


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