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Re-examining the Trinity

Christianity teaches that there is only one God. Reconciling this teaching with the belief that there are three persons in the Godhead – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost – is a challenge for many.

With the rapid growth of Jehovah's witness, Mormon, and Muslim religion and ideas, many are ditching the teaching of the Trinity for more politically correct views of God. Yet, many may simply be misinformed or ignorant of the truth on this issue.

Why is This Important?
It is important because truth matters. Frankly, Christianity would seem more attractive to those of most other religions if God was a singular, distant being; Christ was simply a wise and good prophet; and the Holy Spirit was simply the active power and influence of God. Muslims, Jews, and most other religions would gladly embrace such a Christian perspective. But, that is not what the holy scriptures teach; and because truth matters, we seek to know and teach truth rather than pleasing theories. If it is important enough to hold a doctrine that, above all others, alienate a large portion of the world's population, we would better have sound Biblical reasons for doing so – and we do. 

It is also important to understand this issue because of morality. Would it be acceptable for one other than God to die for the beings He created? This point may not seem significant at first, but give it some thought: The omniscient One creating man, knowing that in the end one of His creatures would have to die to redeem the people He created?  On the other hand, we marvel at the love that led God to create man knowing at what cost to Himself (Christ – God and Creator), He would redeem him. 

In the end, however, we do not try to create a God that is moral, loving, and sacrificial. The aim of this article is simply to show what is true about Him.


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